The kids

Hello. We are the Limetree Kids!

We are the characters who post on this blog and we are underage. Proudly so! We joined this blog because we didn’t think we could get our voice heard in any other way. Or even better, sometimes we could get our voice heard (if you saw Mia crying you would get what we mean) but not understood. We wanted to share our thoughts and perspectives with you and let you decide if it’s worthy to listen to what we have to say.

But in the end, we’re just kids. So anything and everything we think, say, depict, sing or express in some other form cannot be legally used against us. With our “fathers“, that’s a different story… but that’s their problem, isn’t it?

We’re not related, we are just good friends. And here is a little bio:


Hi! I’m Zee. I’m 3 years old. I guess I’m a normal kid for my age. Except for my expression capability! Not that 3 year old kids can’t express themselves. They can and they do. The only thing is that they usually can’t write. And that handicap leaves no other option for their stories to remain untold, or in the best of luck, for those stories to be told by their parents.

That’s a big disadvantage! That’s why I joined this blog. I wanted my tales told. But I wanted them told by me! Not by anyone else. Usually grown-ups tend to “adultize” our sagas. Or, the other way around, they try to transform them in “kids stuff”. Most of the times what we have to tell is neither. It’s just our vision of something that adults also see, but in a very different form.

In the end, I’ll also tell you about my Woody, the Toy Story’s sheriff. He is my best friend and he is always less than 2 feet away from me! Otherwise, you’ll see my temper tantrums!


My name is Mia. I was born a few months months ago. That means I don’t walk yet, nor do I speak.

Because of that, most people think I don’t understand what they’re saying. Obviously I do. Sometimes I don’t comprehend as it goes beyond my comprehension what some people say and do, but I hear them…

Most of people also think I can’t express myself. And again that’s not true. I know that I can’t make myself clear most of the times. For some reason my mom and dad don’t get my babbling, cry or gestures. And although I’m trying to make a point I don’t seem to be able to let them understand me…

That’s why I joined this blog. I need to express myself and let others understand what I think.

In here you will be presented to my life. You will get to know my pacifier, my blankey and my cuddly toys. And yo’ll also know Mom, Dad and My Sister.


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