Origami afternoon

Do you want to know what we did Sunday? The afternoon was rainy, we couldn’t go outside and play, so our parents helped us with these…


Sucking it…

Mia: What’s this in front of me? Mom, mommy! I’m afraid. What’s this in front of me?

(Mom came and whispered)

Mom: Shuuush, baby. Mommy is here. What is it baby? Why are you crying.

Mia: Did you see this mom? Did you? It’s kind of scary!

Mom: Shuuuussshhhh, my baby. What is it? Does it hurt? What is hurting my baby? What’s wrong?

Mia: Mom! Nothing’s hurting me. I just found out these “things” in front of me! What are they?

Mom: What is it baby. Why are you moving you’re hands like that?

Mia: My what? Hands? Did you call it hands? Is that what this is?

Mom: Is it ok now? Are you ok, baby?

(and then she shouted to the living room) Dad, come here. Look at your daughter staring at her hands. I think she just discovered them!

Mia: Mom, let go dad and help me with these. What are they for? These hands, or whatever? What should I do with them? What’s its use?

Mom: (shouting again) Hey dad, come quickly. She’s playing with the hands.

Dad: What’s up, love. Why were you shouting?

Mom: Look at your daughter, dummy. She just discovered her hands. Look at her playing with them and staring…

Mia: Mom, I think they’re soft. I’m starting to like them you know. What if I try to…

Dad: She’s sucking the thumb!

Mom: I guess she found out its use… at least for now!

(Image from http://flic.kr/p/7Q3Ldg)

Feeling good!

Yes, I’m feeling good… Why wouldn’t I?

Life goes on fine! Dad just looks at me all the time and he’s the one babbling… swings around with me in his arms and kisses me! Mom holds me softly, and gently sings me nice, sweet tunes… and she feeds me. And she feeds me good! And my sister? She still doesn’t get that I’m way smaller than her, so she tries to hold me and kiss me, but she tends to do it the hard way (or at least harder than I can stand). But in the end, she always says “I’m sorry, Mia” in her sweet 2 year old voice so I can’t hold it against her, can I? When she says “Mia you’re ma’vellous” she gets me every time… and I haven’t seen much of this world yet…

So allow me not to look at all those other things and themes that seem to occupy all your grown up minds… But for me it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me and I’n feeling good…

My beginning

I’m new at this so I hope you can forgive me if something is not perfect.

By this I don’t only mean blogging… I mean living. I’m new at living.

I’m very young. Actually, I haven’t even had my first birthday.

So I don’t talk yet. Nor do I walk, nor do I stand up. I’m not even able to sit down properly. Just so that you see how young I am, my latest achievement was being able to hold my head up! And that’s quite something. You should try having a head that weighs almost as much as the rest of the body and being able to control it. Being able to hold it still, only with the strength of the neck muscles! It’s not easy, I can assure you!

My life, up to this moment has not been easy! Actually, I’ve struggled to stay calm and not giving up. Do you think I’m overreacting? Think again!

When I was born I was completely lost. All I knew then was how to live submerse in a warm, safe and quiet liquid. And all of the sudden I had to breath and actually do something to eat. My belly began to hurt horribly. Apparently, my intestines were learning how to work and that hurts a lot!

On the other hand, in complete opposition to what I was used to in the previous 40 weeks or so, I had lots of faces looking at me! Believe me, I was afraid! On top of that, my vision was completely blurred. It was like using glasses in a sauna!

I didn’t know how to react to all these new things. So I cried! When I was not asleep, resting and being as I was in the womb, I did three things and three things only: I drank milk from my mother breasts, I pooped and I cried. That’s it.

And there were those horrible words: infantile colic. And I can’t even talk about it! It was bad!

Then, time went by and it turned out that life out here was not so bad after all. I began to see more clearly and that constant cloud in front of my eyes was gone. I understood that I could smile and people would smile back at me. Moreover, I could clearly recognize mom and dad. I could differentiate their voices, their scents and even their presence when they were around. I saw that I could actually communicate with all those persons that came to look at me. And the best way to communicate was to cry. So when I was hungry, I cried. And when my diapers were wet, I cried too. And when something hurt or when I felt lonely or whatever… I cried. And, alas, my parents began to understand what I wanted! It was great. By that time, I also began to understand what my parents wanted. I understood when they calmed me, or sang; when they said wait a minute, we’re going to change your diaper in a minute; or when mom said I’m coming to feed you… wow! It was possible to find my way in this world!

And so I became this happy baby! I continue to cry sometimes (many times, actually…), and my belly still hurts from time to time and there are dozens of things I discover everyday. Some I like others I don’t. But don’t worry. I’ll keep a record of it all. And I’ll let you know. Just “listen” to my posts…

(Photo by Creativity + Timothy K Hamilton in http://flic.kr/p/68mZV6)