I told you… teeth!

I told you I was in pain. But no one listened to me. Ok, mom and dad cared, and hugged me and kissed me… but quite frankly that didn’t help much.

Do you want to know what actually helped? The tooth finally came out!

What a relief…


We went to Austin and we lived to tell the story

It’s true. A couple of weeks ago we went to Austin, Texas, for the Dad 2.0 Summit, as we let you know at the time. We promised some feedback, and we failed to give it… until now!

It was a great conference and we had a great time!

To begin with, you might ask why we attended a conference for dads. We’re supposed to be a couple of children, right? Well, every time we can we get away and we try to infiltrate grown-ups parties to understand them… although we’re still far away from achieving it (understanding them, we mean…).

Back to Austin, we had a great time! We met some fantastic people (well, they were all adults, but still they were cool!). And we learned a lot! We were able to understand what is on other parents’ mind (if we can’t understand our own parents, maybe we could understand others, right?); we were able to understand many technological trends; we could sense the inexorable shift in the fatherhood paradigm; we could feel how fathers are moving away from the traditional stereotype; and more than that, how they feel insulted by that specific stereotype.

We also had lots of conversations about our next big venture – Limetree – and we had a great feedback! Hope all of you try it out!

Thank you to all of those who hung out with us during those 3 days! It was very nice to meet you all! 😉

We sure hope to meet you again soon!

This is the end of the World as we know it…

My mouth aches! And it aches a lot…

But mom and dad don’t seem to understand. So I took some more drastic measures… I’ll explain everything.

Everything went just fine in my life. My days are quite the same everyday and that’s how I like them. I wake up early in the morning. Actually, I still want to sleep a little, but I wake up just to be able to listen the silence in my parents bedroom. I wait a little bit (sometimes I even laugh in anticipation) and then I just cry, as loud as I can, and I wake my parents! It’s so funny how they look when their sleepy…

Then my mother holds me and breastfeeds me. It’s sooooo gooooood!!! And I go back to sleep – got it? First you wake your parents. It can’t be too early otherwise they’ll go back to sleep. Make it half an hour to 45 minutes before their alarm sets off. It’s the best time for them to wake. Then you get back to sleep, like an angel.

By 9 or 10 am I wake again. By then I’m totally ready for my day. I play a little with my toys and then it’s time to eat again. During the playing hours (or should I say minutes…) I also take the time for that good poo. My mom changes my diaper and if I’m lucky I’ll just manage to put my foot (or both of them) inside the poo ! And that’s a party. Except for my mom that doesn’t seem to like it… go figure.

At noon it’s almost lunch and… well, you’re getting the picture: sleep, eat, play and poo. That’s my life. Until now.

Because from one day to the other, my mouth began to ache! I don’t know what’s going on with it. My gums itch and they hurt and… I don’t know, but it feels like I have to grab everything and put it in my mouth and rub it in my gums. And even then it won’t get better but it feels like you just have to do it. That’s why I cry so many times these days… and that’s why I sleep so badly at nights.

My parents weren’t getting it, so I took it in my hands (actually in my gums) to show them. So when I mother breastfed me yesterday I bit her nipple. She cried in horror and just said to my father: “Thank god she doesn’t have teeth yet!”

“Teeth! That’s it! That’s what’s going on.” Now I know. It isn’t better, but at least I know…

I’m Mia and I’m 6 months.. Thanks for being there…