We went to Austin and we lived to tell the story

It’s true. A couple of weeks ago we went to Austin, Texas, for the Dad 2.0 Summit, as we let you know at the time. We promised some feedback, and we failed to give it… until now!

It was a great conference and we had a great time!

To begin with, you might ask why we attended a conference for dads. We’re supposed to be a couple of children, right? Well, every time we can we get away and we try to infiltrate grown-ups parties to understand them… although we’re still far away from achieving it (understanding them, we mean…).

Back to Austin, we had a great time! We met some fantastic people (well, they were all adults, but still they were cool!). And we learned a lot! We were able to understand what is on other parents’ mind (if we can’t understand our own parents, maybe we could understand others, right?); we were able to understand many technological trends; we could sense the inexorable shift in the fatherhood paradigm; we could feel how fathers are moving away from the traditional stereotype; and more than that, how they feel insulted by that specific stereotype.

We also had lots of conversations about our next big venture – Limetree – and we had a great feedback! Hope all of you try it out!

Thank you to all of those who hung out with us during those 3 days! It was very nice to meet you all! 😉

We sure hope to meet you again soon!