This is the end of the World as we know it…

My mouth aches! And it aches a lot…

But mom and dad don’t seem to understand. So I took some more drastic measures… I’ll explain everything.

Everything went just fine in my life. My days are quite the same everyday and that’s how I like them. I wake up early in the morning. Actually, I still want to sleep a little, but I wake up just to be able to listen the silence in my parents bedroom. I wait a little bit (sometimes I even laugh in anticipation) and then I just cry, as loud as I can, and I wake my parents! It’s so funny how they look when their sleepy…

Then my mother holds me and breastfeeds me. It’s sooooo gooooood!!! And I go back to sleep – got it? First you wake your parents. It can’t be too early otherwise they’ll go back to sleep. Make it half an hour to 45 minutes before their alarm sets off. It’s the best time for them to wake. Then you get back to sleep, like an angel.

By 9 or 10 am I wake again. By then I’m totally ready for my day. I play a little with my toys and then it’s time to eat again. During the playing hours (or should I say minutes…) I also take the time for that good poo. My mom changes my diaper and if I’m lucky I’ll just manage to put my foot (or both of them) inside the poo ! And that’s a party. Except for my mom that doesn’t seem to like it… go figure.

At noon it’s almost lunch and… well, you’re getting the picture: sleep, eat, play and poo. That’s my life. Until now.

Because from one day to the other, my mouth began to ache! I don’t know what’s going on with it. My gums itch and they hurt and… I don’t know, but it feels like I have to grab everything and put it in my mouth and rub it in my gums. And even then it won’t get better but it feels like you just have to do it. That’s why I cry so many times these days… and that’s why I sleep so badly at nights.

My parents weren’t getting it, so I took it in my hands (actually in my gums) to show them. So when I mother breastfed me yesterday I bit her nipple. She cried in horror and just said to my father: “Thank god she doesn’t have teeth yet!”

“Teeth! That’s it! That’s what’s going on.” Now I know. It isn’t better, but at least I know…

I’m Mia and I’m 6 months.. Thanks for being there…


We’re coming to Texas

So we’ve heard Texas is nice this time of year.

For what we know the weather is good and warm and you can forget about the winter for a couple of days. Therefore, we decided to join a bunch of other nice guys (can I say bunch of guys, dad? ) and we decided to get to get together for a weekend. It’s DAD2.0 coming up, in Austin!

I'm Attending The Dad 2.0 Summit

Hopefully we’ll make new friends, learn a lot and have a good time… for one weekend there’s no bedtime, right mom? You are going to let us stay up a little later, right? Say, 10pm?

We’ll let you folks know what’s going on… until then, cheers… we are traveling!

Marty, the king!

Today, as my father was reading the morning news, I noticed a picture of a good looking man. I thought this man had something about himself. I could notice he was very self-confident. He looked like he knew what he wanted to do and how. He was sure of himself and I could see he was dedicated to his cause. Whatever that was.

But that was not what caught my attention and made me look again to the picture. It was…

–       Who is that man, father?

–       Was, son, was. This man was the Reverend Martin Luther King. He was a very noble man. Many years ago, he fought so that everyman should be equal.

–       How did he fought father? Like my little soldiers? Did he have a rifle?

–       No, son. He didn’t.

–       Was he like the Indians? Did he have a bow and arrow?

–       No, son.

–       Was it a machine gun? Did he have a machine gun? Joe took a machine gun the other day to school. It was very cool. It made sounds and…

–       No. Not a machine gun, son. He had something better than a bow and arrow, or a rifle, or a machine gun. He fought with ideas.

–       Oh. Ok. But that’s not that interesting. You know Buzz has lots of neat guns. That’s why he became friend of Woody.

–       What? Who are Buzz and Woody.

–       My friends: Buzz, the astronaut, and Woody the cowboy. You know, those toys in my bedroom.

–       Oh… I see.

–       You know dad. Now I know what kept my attention with that man: Marty, the King.

–       Martin Luther King…

–       It was the fact that he is able to play the swing with his two kids, dad. Now I know it’s possible! So, next time we go to the playground I want to play in the swing with you and my sister. I know it’s possible!

–       I don’t think so. It depends on the swing you know.

–       Dad. Don’t make me fight you.. I too have ideas!

Life is like a lemonade…

Most things in life are just like doing a lemonade…

To begin with, you have to chop a lemon in order to do it. It is not possible to have the lemonade and keep the lemons.

Then, you have to work a little so that you can squeeze the lemon into juice.

But there’s a point when every bit of effort you put into it, doesn’t pour juice into the cup anymore. You just get some little drops of it… and nothing more. And then you try harder but that’s just it. There’s no more juice in that lemon.

Just like most things in life. There’s a lot you get out of the new toy when you get it! It’s a lot of fun to play with the new action man in the first few weeks. You can imagine hundreds of things to do with that new game in the beginning. But there comes a day when it’s not a novelty anymore… it just takes a lot of effort to get another drop of juice.

And that’s when you get it. It’s time to squeeze some oranges now. I’m done with lemonade!

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The hug


There is no better place to be than my mother’s arms.

It’s perfectly quiet when I want to rest.

It’s the high ground when I want to discover the world.

It’s Holy Ground to keep me safe from evil.

It’s paradise when there’s something to see anywhere around.

It’s the coziest of places when you need to be cuddled.

It’s the beautiful garden where you can dance and twirl around the colorful flowers.

It’s the place of soft and comfy fragrances that make you dream, as if scents of Spring are freed.

It’s the best of hugs… whenever, wherever… forever.

And so this is Christmas…

This is my first December. I was convinced this was a month just like all the others… but I was wrong!

The smells are different. The colors are more bright. There are lights in the streets forming special and beautiful shapes.

Adults act like children and children try to behave as adults in a last hope to get their favorite present from Santa Claus.

I don’t quite understand all this, but I sure do like it!