Limetreekids is not a common blog. Nor did we want it to be. It is a blog written in a child’s perspective.

There are millions of blogs expressing the points of view of adults. Actually, to the best of our knowledge, all other blogs are the reflection of an adult’s perspective on something. They can be about cooking, photography, fatherhood, child education, video games, software, or simply about life. But it’s always an adult perspective on something.

We thought that a children’s perspective might be handy. And funny too.

The thing is, most of the times, kids can’t put in writing what they think about. So we decided to give them a hand. And try to look at the world through their eyes.

This means the bloggers are not real. They are fictional characters as are all the situations portrayed in the posts. Of course, they all have a little bit of us. They are all autobiographical to some point. They surely have a lot of our own children. But we try to keep them fictional! And that’s how we would like you to see them.

Unfortunately we are not kids anymore (although our wives and most of our friends would disagree…). Therefore, and although we have kids to look at and take as role models, some of the posts might look less “childish” to you. We’re sorry for that. We just hope we can improve on this role as we go along. Turned out it was also fun to see the world through kid’s eyes. We understood things we didn’t understand before, we discovered some things were funnier than they seemed and that there was an easier way to analyze the world. We also came to the conclusion that when you go back to the basics (and that’s what kids do) many human actions are actually impossible to understand! In the end, it might even be that this blog will make us better persons…

We do not intend to make any statement with this blog. It’s not our purpose to tell anyone how things are. Or what they look like. Or how they should be or look like. We don’t think we have the definite word about what kids think. Or feel. We are just observers. And faulty ones! So this blog is just the scrapbook where we register what we see, how we see it and when we see it. With our misconceptions and errors.

We are not experts on anything either. So this is blog should not be read as a statement on how children should be educated.

But we do have principles. We have beliefs. We have our definition of right and wrong. And it might be depicted through the blog. It should be. We just don’t want to try and convince you of anything. If you agree with us fine. If you don’t… fine too.

We hope that you can help us with the blog. Make a comment or send us a message and let us know what you think.

Thank you. And we hope you enjoy reading this as much as we love writing it.

Pedro and the kids