We went to Austin and we lived to tell the story

It’s true. A couple of weeks ago we went to Austin, Texas, for the Dad 2.0 Summit, as we let you know at the time. We promised some feedback, and we failed to give it… until now!

It was a great conference and we had a great time!

To begin with, you might ask why we attended a conference for dads. We’re supposed to be a couple of children, right? Well, every time we can we get away and we try to infiltrate grown-ups parties to understand them… although we’re still far away from achieving it (understanding them, we mean…).

Back to Austin, we had a great time! We met some fantastic people (well, they were all adults, but still they were cool!). And we learned a lot! We were able to understand what is on other parents’ mind (if we can’t understand our own parents, maybe we could understand others, right?); we were able to understand many technological trends; we could sense the inexorable shift in the fatherhood paradigm; we could feel how fathers are moving away from the traditional stereotype; and more than that, how they feel insulted by that specific stereotype.

We also had lots of conversations about our next big venture – Limetree – and we had a great feedback! Hope all of you try it out!

Thank you to all of those who hung out with us during those 3 days! It was very nice to meet you all! 😉

We sure hope to meet you again soon!


We’re coming to Texas

So we’ve heard Texas is nice this time of year.

For what we know the weather is good and warm and you can forget about the winter for a couple of days. Therefore, we decided to join a bunch of other nice guys (can I say bunch of guys, dad? ) and we decided to get to get together for a weekend. It’s DAD2.0 coming up, in Austin!

I'm Attending The Dad 2.0 Summit

Hopefully we’ll make new friends, learn a lot and have a good time… for one weekend there’s no bedtime, right mom? You are going to let us stay up a little later, right? Say, 10pm?

We’ll let you folks know what’s going on… until then, cheers… we are traveling!

Welcome to Limetree Kids!


This is not a common blog. This is our blog. And we are just a bunch of kids trying to get their way around this world.

So this blog is about our life. And our life is fun. We laugh all the time. Most of the times because of things our parents and other grown-ups don’t even understand. Many times we laugh at them, but sometimes we laugh of them.

And we play! Sometimes it seems we just play all the time. And we like it. A lot!

But it’s not always easy. No, we are not talking about the financial crisis (whatever it is, but grown-ups talk about it all the time), or wars, or politics or whatever that has been worrying you, grown-ups. We are still talking about life! We are talking about being woke in the morning and wanting to continue to sleep (and not understanding why our parents don’t allow us to); and at night wanting to continue to play hide and seek when our parents want us to go to bed (do you see a pattern here?); we are talking about wanting to continue to sketch that tree when someone tells us to go to school (or kindergarten, or whatever); we are talking about wanting to go outside and play when parents tell us we can’t, and making us go for a walk when we are watching that great cartoon on TV (and the pattern is still the same); we are talking about wanting to tell our adventures of the day when the grown-ups want to read the newspaper, or hear the news, and then being asked “How was your day? What did you do at school?” when all we want is to continue the video game.

So it seems we are always in counter-cycle with adults! And that’s the reason why we created this blog. So you could hear from us, directly and without translation what we think, feel and have to say.

Hope you like it!